Animal Companion Bereavement Group

a service provided by Upstate Veterinary Specialists, PLLC


When we take an animal into our lives, we generally do not contemplate their loss or how it can devastate us with the sudden heartache of living without them. Unfortunately, when we bring these beautiful creatures into our lives, we will out live them, and often, struggle with moving forward.

The Animal Companion Bereavement Group is the Capital District's first support group of its kind, created out of the necessity to grieve the deaths of our family with fur. We have been gathering for meetings since 2012 in a supportive atmosphere  with like minded individuals whom need to share the pain of losing our friends, service animals, and companions.

If you're like us, your pets have become family members. While grieving with this sudden loss, many people in your life may not understand the devastation you are experiencing. Your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and others are sincere and supportive people, however, they can sometimes without meaning, negatively comment with "just get another dog, cat, bird, horse, etc..."  as if it can solve the problem. It's not that simple!

Your heartache is real and the pain feels unbearable & unfair. 

Animal Companion Bereavement Group offers a supportive, judgement-free environment where we gather to discuss the losses, share the stories, link resources, and encourage the idea that these companions cannot be replaced. We have found that healing and recovery from this grief strengthens best when you are not alone. 

If it feels too daunting or intimidating to sit with others at this time, individual therapy sessions are available through a licensed clinical social worker.

Contact us today to register for the next group session or for more information. 

Animal Companion Bereavement Group is sponsored by Upstate Veterinary Specialists, PLLC of Latham, New York. Please call (518) 783-3198